Tartuff : PÖFF

Aerial acrobatic performance by Flight Club training studio

17:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
An aerial acrobatics training studio in Tartu, brings dizzying dance elements to viewers both in the air and on land. Flight Club - where courage, strength, dexterity and flexibility come together. Come and see for yourself!

More information about Flight Club

A conversation with the filmmakers of Sierra

18:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
17th Tartuff opens with the animated comedy Sierra, which has won numerous awards and received the right to be nominated for an Oscar. But how was Sierra born and what could the next film be?

Filmmakers Sander Joon and Aurelia Aasa are talking with Ralf Sauter, journalist and film critic from Postimees.

The conversation takes place in Estonian.

Discussion “Moving Tartu”

19:30, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
Tartuff takes place in an open space right in the heart of the city of Tartu on the Town Hall Square. The urban environment is characterized by constant movement and change, and we are all part of it, whether as pedestrians, drivers or cyclists.

Ants Siim from the Tartu City Museum looks at the past of Tartu's mobility, landscape architect Karin Bachmann talks about landscape planning, and Age Poom, associate professor of urban environment, introduces the researcher's point of view. The conversation will be moderated by editor-in-chief of Tartu Postimees, Rannar Raba.

The conversation takes place in Estonian.