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Special Events of Tartuff

Tuesday, August 2nd

Aerial acrobatic performance by Flight Club training studio

17:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
An aerial acrobatics training studio in Tartu, brings dizzying dance elements to viewers both in the air and on land. Flight Club - where courage, strength, dexterity and flexibility come together. Come and see for yourself!

More information about Flight Club

A conversation with the filmmakers of Sierra

18:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
17th Tartuff opens with the animated comedy Sierra, which has won numerous awards and received the right to be nominated for an Oscar. But how was Sierra born and what could the next film be?

Filmmakers Sander Joon and Aurelia Aasa are talking with Ralf Sauter, journalist and film critic from Postimees.

The conversation takes place in Estonian.

Discussion “Moving Tartu”

19:30, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
Tartuff takes place in an open space right in the heart of the city of Tartu on the Town Hall Square. The urban environment is characterized by constant movement and change, and we are all part of it, whether as pedestrians, drivers or cyclists.

Ants Siim from the Tartu City Museum looks at the past of Tartu's mobility, landscape architect Karin Bachmann talks about landscape planning, and Age Poom, associate professor of urban environment, introduces the researcher's point of view. The conversation will be moderated by editor-in-chief of Tartu Postimees, Rannar Raba.

The conversation takes place in Estonian.

Wednesday, August 3rd

Stencibility Street Art Bike Tour

17:00, Starting point is in front of the entrance to the Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
Who are these mysterious street artists operating in the darkness of night and what signs have they left behind? On the occasion of TARTUFF film festival, we will do a bike tour to find the most exciting works on the streets of Tartu. We focus on the most recent works, but we also visit old classics and explore minor obscurities. Stencibility organizer Kadri Lind conducts the tour.

The bike tour starts at the Town Hall square, at the Postman's tent and lasts 2 hours.

The tour will be in Estonian.

Tickets can be purchased here

Public recording of the KUKU radio show "Filmikägu"

17:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
“Filmikägu” takes place every week in KUKU radio station. But this week it’s coming to Tartu to do a public show. The guest of the show is actor, director and film director Ain Mäeots, whose film "Taarka" was first shown almost 15 years ago at Tartuff and whose new film "Kuulsuse narrid" will be released at the beginning of the new year. The show is hosted by Kristjan Gold and Lauri Kaare.

The conversation takes place in Estonian.

More information about the podcast

Public recording of the "Naistejutud" podcast on "Where to find love today?"

18:30, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
"Naistejutud" is a bold and frank show that talks about relationships, work, love and much more. But this is not a show just for women! Many men also listen to women's stories who have discovered - this is the best way to really understand women. On this occasion, host Kristina Herodes will visit Tartuff with star dater and queen of podcasts Dagmar Lamp, and they will also bring a colorful male guest with them. They will talk about where to look for and find love today? They will go into history, into the modern times, into wrong paths and talk about examples from their own life. We are waiting for the audience to join in and ask questions!

The talk will be in Estonian.

More information about the podcast

Discussion "What do the dance trends on TikTok tell us?”

20:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

The sub-theme of this year's Tartuff is dance. Dance is about the body, with which each person has a personal experience - so, in fact, it can be said that everyone dances. The bravest also dance in public - the TikTok platform has become famous for its dance videos. But what are these trends really about and what is life like on social media?
The conversation will be moderated by Tuuli Põhjakas, editor of Postimehe's culture department.

The discussion will be in Estonian.

Thursday, August 4th

Excursion to the Voronja Gallery

13:00–19:00, The bus departs from the lower parking lot of Vanemuine Theater
The Voronja Gallery is located in an old fisherman's house in Varnja, right near Tartu, by Lake Peipsi. Both the house and the yard become an art exhibition, where you will probably meet Mr. Voronin and his assistants as you wander around.

Guests can see three exhibitions: Kadri Noormets "ICONIC. purpose and pretext", Daniil Logovoi "Washing away real corruption" and Eero Ijavoinen, Tuuli Puhvel and Silja Truus "Light cocktail". In addition, there will be a public recording of the tARTu voice podcast.

The bus departs from the lower parking lot of Vanemuine Theater at 13:00 and returns at 18:45.

The podcast and tour will be in Estonian.

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Conversation with experience counselor Karmen Korjus "...and they lived happily ever after" or why do we sabotage love?

18:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
Many of us dream of the love stories of the century, elaborated to the smallest detail, waiting for a prince on a white horse or a princess to throw her hair down from a tower. Also on the cinema screen there is a prescribed story, whose dopamine-filled up-and-down roller coaster ride makes you gasp over the love staged by the main characters.

Experience counselor Karmen Korjus discusses what happens when the film runs out, but we also take the illusory love story into real life, influencing the quality, boundaries and patterns of our relationships, where there is no prescribed script, but real people with their own stories and experiences.

The talk will be in Estonian.

Comedy Estonia: stand-up at Tartuff

19:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)
Stand-up is an art form written and performed by one person. However, it only really comes to life when the jokes are presented in front of a real audience and in a room dedicated to comedy. The audience is the first and last judge of good comedy, and Comedy Estonia likes it if you have your own opinion.

Comedy Estonia will conquer the Postimees tent at 7pm, where we are waiting for you all - whether you are a judge or a fan, everyone is welcome.

The stand-up will be in Estonian.

More information about Comedy Estonia

Usk. Lootus. Armastus! minikontsert

20:30, Postimehe telk (Raekoja plats)
Tartuffil jõuab kuulajate ja vaatajateni eellöögina miniatuurne moment taasiseseisvumispäeval, 20. augustil, Eesti Rahva Muuseumi suvelaval aset leidvast kontserdist “Usk. Lootus. Armastus!” 20. augusti kontserdist lähemalt saad lugeda siit.

Eesti Rahva Muuseumi suvelaval toimuv kontsert "Usk. Lootus. Armastus." on inspireeritud meist endist - meie rahvast, maast ja tunnetest. Kontserdi solistideks on Uku Suviste, Karmen Puis, Gerli Padar, Merle Silmato, Mehis Tiits ja Atlan Karp. Muusikalist tuge ja inspiratsiooni pakuvad Maarja Filharmoonikute koor ja orkester. Dirigeerib Lilyan Kaiv. Õhtu kõlasid aitab kokku köita konferansjee Andres Dvinjaninov

Tulge, tähistame sel pidulikul kontserdil koos Eesti taasiseseisvumispäeva usus, lootuses ja armastuses!
Piletid Piletilevist

Kontserti toetavad Lõunakeskus, Eesti Rahva Muuseum, REMAX Aaba kinnisvara. Täpsem info.

Friday, August 5th

Public recording of the podcast “Armastusest”

14:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

Love touches us all. In what way? With who? Where? Why? At Tartuff, the listeners are treated to a fascinating conversation about being human and love. Elina Naan is the host of the podcast "Armastusest" and the wonderful guest will be announced soon!

The podcast will be in Estonian.

More information about the podcast

Tartu Swing invites you to dance!

18:00, On the river side of the Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

Tartu Swing was created in January 2015 by seven swing addicts who wanted this dance not to disappear from Tartu. But what is this swing anyway? One culture, music, dance, well actually several different dances. But we recommend that you see it with your own eyes and try it for yourself.

Tartu Swing invites all the brave and the less brave to try it out for themselves at 6pm in front of the Postimees tent. Tartuff swings!

More information about Tartu Swing

Concert of Ukrainian love songs by Ruslan and Rute Trochynskyi

20:15, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

Ukraine is a big and beautiful country that has had to fight for its independence since February. Although we must not forget war and atrocities, we also want to bring bright and beautiful Ukrainian love songs to the listeners. Just as they are probably sung there now. Ukrainian songs are performed by Ruslan and Rute Trochynskyi with Oliver Kilk.

Love party x Naiiv

23:00, Naiiv (Vabaduse pst 5)

The Love Party probably needs no introduction to true Tartuff fans. But that's fine, we'll introduce everyone else anyway.

On one Friday night, all movie lovers, Tartuff wolves, music lovers and just nice people get together and the Love Party is born. DJ Katrin Pärn turns the speakers up at 11:00 p.m. at the festival club Naiiv and the party lasts until the morning hours. The main thing is not to fall in love - we are too busy for that!

Tickets (5€) can be purchased from the door in cash.

More information about Naiiv

Saturday, August 6th

Tartuff poetry slam

16:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

Tartuff is waiting for poetry souls to open their thoughts and share the message with themselves, with us and with Tartu itself. We are waiting for You to listen and also to come on stage.

Registering for stage list is open

Stencibility Street Art Bike Tour

17:00, Starting point is in front of the entrance to the Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

Stencibility is an international street art festival that takes place mainly in Tartu, but occasionally travels to other Estonian cities as well. The goal is to support the idea of free street art, keep Estonian street art alive and bring more art to the everyday life and streets of city residents.

The Stencibility street art bike tour provides a unique opportunity to ride around Tartu and get to know art from a completely new angle.

The tour will be in Estonian.

Tickets (6€) sold here

AHHAA Science Theater “Love in Physics”

20:30, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

It is often said that love is a pure science. But is it? And if so, what does that mean? Can we figure out the formula for love? Or create love out of thin air? The AHHAA science theater helps to find answers to questions.

The show will be in Estonian.

More information about AHHAA science center