Tartuff : PÖFF

Public recording of the podcast “Armastusest”

14:00, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

Love touches us all. In what way? With who? Where? Why? At Tartuff, the listeners are treated to a fascinating conversation about being human and love. Elina Naan is the host of the podcast "Armastusest" and the wonderful guest will be announced soon!

The podcast will be in Estonian.

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Tartu Swing invites you to dance!

18:00, On the river side of the Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

Tartu Swing was created in January 2015 by seven swing addicts who wanted this dance not to disappear from Tartu. But what is this swing anyway? One culture, music, dance, well actually several different dances. But we recommend that you see it with your own eyes and try it for yourself.

Tartu Swing invites all the brave and the less brave to try it out for themselves at 6pm in front of the Postimees tent. Tartuff swings!

More information about Tartu Swing

Concert of Ukrainian love songs by Ruslan and Rute Trochynskyi

20:15, Postimees tent (Raekoja plats)

Ukraine is a big and beautiful country that has had to fight for its independence since February. Although we must not forget war and atrocities, we also want to bring bright and beautiful Ukrainian love songs to the listeners. Just as they are probably sung there now. Ukrainian songs are performed by Ruslan and Rute Trochynskyi with Oliver Kilk.

Love party x Naiiv

23:00, Naiiv (Vabaduse pst 5)

The Love Party probably needs no introduction to true Tartuff fans. But that's fine, we'll introduce everyone else anyway.

On one Friday night, all movie lovers, Tartuff wolves, music lovers and just nice people get together and the Love Party is born. DJ Katrin Pärn turns the speakers up at 11:00 p.m. at the festival club Naiiv and the party lasts until the morning hours. The main thing is not to fall in love - we are too busy for that!

Tickets (5€) can be purchased from the door in cash.

More information about Naiiv