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What film won the Audience Award? Why is the next edition of Tartuff more spectacular than ever?
Take a look below!

The Audience Award of PÖFF's Love Film Festival Tartuff was given to The Sales Girl by Janchivdorj Sengedorji. The second and third place went to Ditto by Seo Eun-young and Franz Malmsten's Crossing the line.

The screening of "The Sales Girl" also had a record audience of 2023, as more than 1400 viewers took a load off at Tartu Town Hall Square.
Remarkably, all the documentary screenings at Tartu Elektriteater were completely packed. Altogether, 9000 people visited the open-air cinema and evening parties at Naiiv.


The Sales Girl


Documentary screenings at Elektriteater

Johan Kudu, the head of Tartuff, thanked the audience and the partners and hoped that Tartuff was heart-touching and uplifting. "It was my first Tartuff and I'm really speechless - it was something big and special. The next Tartuff is already intertwined with the activities of the European Capital of Culture, and we hope to offer a special experience," he said.

Long story short - let's meet next year at the open-air cinema of the European Capital of Culture 2024!

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